AVR - Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator


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  • Configurable via DSE815

Fabrikat DSE

  • Power input compatible with 3-phase PMG, single phase PMG, auxiliary and shunt windings.

  • 3-phase or single phase generator output voltage sensing.

  • CAN port providing J1939 communications.

  • Soft start ramping.

  • Under Frequency Roll Off (UFRO)
    protection with optional
    instantaneous step.

  • Loss of voltage sensing protection.

  • Over excitation protection.

  • Potentiometer adjustment for
    voltage set points, droop, UFRO,
    proportional and integral gain. • LED indication for fault and operating status.

  • Configurable via DSE Configuration
    Suite PC software connected via
    the DSE815 configuration interface.

  • Chassis mountable potted enclosure.